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tv   America This Morning  ABC  July 29, 2010 4:30am-5:00am EDT

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making news on this thursday, july 29th. >> on hold. a judge delays the heart of arizona's new immigration law. today, the state responds. grizzly attack. campers tore from their tents in the middle of the night. now, the hunt for killer bears. and presidential view. the commander in chief makes a controversial visit to daytime's most famous couch. good morning. and thanks for being with us on this thursday. arizona's new immigration law take effect at midnight, minus
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the most controversial parts. >> a federal judge blocked those late yesterday, setting up a battle that could go all the way to the supreme court. >> this morning's front age of the state's largest newspaper, says a quick appeal is planned. and could come as soon as today. >> john hendren joins us now with a look at what's ahead for both sides. hi, john. >> reporter: good morning, rob. good morning, vinita. lawmakers in as many as 18 other states want to push tough, new immigration laws modeled on arizona's. after a judge's ruling yesterday, they may have to look for a new model. for critics of the nation's toughest immigration law, it was cause for celebration. >> we are all happy. and proud. >> reporter: for the law's supporters, news that the most controversial parts of the law will not go into effect today was just a bump in the road. >> we knew regardless of what happened today, of course, one side or the other side was going to appeal. so, this begins the process. >> reporter: a federal court, wednesday, threw out the parts of the law, making it a state
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crime to live and work in arizona without papers. and those parts requiring arizona cops to stop and check the status of anyone reasonably suspicious of being here illegally. >> by no means is the battle over. the next step will be review in the united states court of appeals. and then all likely on to the supreme court. >> reporter: judge susan bolton ruled, there is a substantial likelihood that it would divert resources from the federal government's other responsibilities. >> yesterday, i went to bet, depressed. but this morning, everything just came back. like, the whole faith. knowing that all the prayers are really working. >> reporter: nearly 60% of americans support the crackdown on undocumented workers. >> when does it stop? when is enough enough? >> reporter: a question we'll hear over and over again. the judge delayed the parts of the law that would have required
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immigrants to carry their papers at all times. and would have made it illegal for undocumented workers to look for work in public, a move aimed at day laborers. >> john hendren, thank you. a house panel will hold a hearing on charles rangel today. four republicans and four democrats review charges of ethics violations against rangel. they center on his real estate holdings and tax filings. thus far, plea bargain negotiations have failed. but with elections approaching, democrats are not eager for a full-blown trial. a u.s. military cargo jet has crashed in alaska, with four people onboard. the c-17 went down at elmendorf air force base, near anchorage. witnesses describe a fireball shooting hundreds of feet into the sky after that crash. the plane was on a routine training mission. but had no word on the fate of the crew. the boeing c-17, is a massive
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transport plane. it's used to carry equipment, supplies and troops directly to the battlefront. also, three people are dead after their medical helicopter crashed into a neighborhood in tucson, arizona. the pilot, a nurse and a paramedic were onboard. the faa says the pilot was in contact with air traffic controllers before the accident. and there was no indication of any trouble. michigan governor jennifer granholm is blasting efforts to clean up a pipeline oil spill along the kalamazoo river. the pipeline company has promised to double its workforce. more than 1 million gallons has spilled, coating fish and wildlife. oil has been seen 35 miles down the river, heading toward lake michigan. work could begin on a permanent fix for the gulf oil leak as soon as this sunday. as for oil on the surface of the water, crews say they are having a hard time finding any. jeffrey kofman reports from venice, louisiana. >> reporter: on this milestone day, we visited one of the
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locations of one of the most important events we witnessed and reported on. it was may 18th, 2010, that we saw oil first come ashore in the eastern marshes of mississippi. we went out there again to see where things stand 100 days after this disaster began. and what we found was surprising. we saw no oil in the water. there were no oil skimmers because there was nothing to skim. we saw oil boom. but there was no oil on those booms. and what we saw ashore was some deadmarsh grass. a little further down in the marshes, we found some workers laying out fresh boom. the report card was surprisingly positive one, that things are getting much better every day, we were told. they said they had initially thought they might be here for several years cleaning up one of the worst environmental disasters in american history. but they would be surprised in fact if they end up staying here in fact until the end of the year. jeffrey kofman, abc news, venice, louisiana. well, august is just a few days away now.
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but you couldn't know it in parts of colorado. a summer storm hammered the foothills west of denver, leaving some areas buried under up to a foot of hail. wow. many drivers needed help after getting stuck in all that ice. and now, for this morning's weather from around the country. the monsoon season brings more heavy rain to colorado, new mexico and arizona. severe storms in the dakotas and northern nebraska, with gusty winds, large hail and isolated tornado there's. thunderstorms and downpours from new england, down to the washington area. and isolated showers in parts of the south. >> 90s from dallas to miami and all the way up the east coast. 80s across much of the midwest. 75 in seattle. 85 in sacramento. and a sizzling 105 in phoenix. it was another historymaking day for president obama, as he sat down with the ladies of "the view." >> yesterday's taping marked the first daytime television appearance by a sitting president. an unprecedented attempt to directly reach out to women across the country. >> do you really think that being on the show with a bunch of women, five women, who never
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shut up, is going to be calming? >> that is -- look, i was trying to find a show that michelle actually watched. and so, i thought that -- [ applause ] that's it. yeah? all those new shows, she's like -- get the clicker. >> have you ever watched us? >> of course. >> no kidding? >> of course. well, this is the second time i've been on now. >> that's right. that doesn't mean you have to watch it. >> even some of the president's fellow democrats are questioning his decision to appear on the talk show. pennsylvania governor ed rendell told msnbc, there should be, quote, a little bit of dignity to the presidency. the president's full interview airs on "the view" this morning, right here on abc. still ahead, a horrific bear attack in the middle of the night. plus, the grueling firefight in california, where thousands have been removed from their homes. and the newest
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the economic recovery seems to be losing some steam. according to the latest a.p. economy survey, economists are now predicting weaker growth and higher unemployment than just three months ago. one big reason, they believe the recovery is weakening, is that companies are simply hesitant to hire. that, in turn, has led consumers to cut back on their spending. economists have turned more pessimistic since europe's debt
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crisis, with wall street on-edge back in may. and the federal reserve's latest regional survey seems to reinforce those findings. it reveals an uneven recovery, with economic activity rising modestly since june. and even slowing in some parts of the country. the survey does not seem to point to a so-called double-dip recession. the economy is weighing on asian stocks a bit this morning. tokyo's nikkei average fell 0.6% today. hong kong's hang seng is slightly lower. in london, the ftse opened higher. on wall street, the dow fell almost 40 points yesterday. the nasdaq slid about 23 points. teenagers looking for summer jobs pushed the unemployment rate higher. the rate rose in about three-quarters of those areas with most of the largest increases soming in college towns. even without the influx of students, the pace of hiring is still not nearly fast enough to bring down the unemployment rate. there's evidence this morning that the foreclosure crisis is spreading well beyond trouble spots in just a few
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states. foreclosure activity was up in 154 out of 206 large metropolitan areas in the first 6 months of this year, compared to the same time last year. more than 1 million americans are expected to lose their homes this year because of foreclosures. amazon has unveiled a new, cheaper kindle, that could help make the device more mainstream. it's smaller and lighter than previous versions. and this one has wi-fi internet access for the first time. here's the price tag. the wi-fi-only model will sell for $135 and will begin shipping at the end of august. if you liked it at $189 you'll love it for $139. the search is on for bears, on a rampage, moving from campsite to campsite, in the middle of the night. and making cpr easier. the
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more than 2,000 people have been forced from their homes, as firefighters battle raging wildfires in the mountains north of los angeles. 25 buildings have been destroyed by the worst of the two fires. eight more went up in flames in sequoia national forest, 40 miles to the north. governor arnold schwarzenegger has declared a state of emergency in kern county. a look at road conditions. flooding on i-90 and 94 in the dakotas. wet on the four corners region from colorado to utah. and i-40 in new mexico and arizona. i-95 will be drenched from maine to d.c. slick in the south, from florida to the carolinas, tennessee and mississippi. >> if you are flying today, expect airport delays in boston, philadelphia, new york and washington, d.c. it was a nightmare come true for some campers in montana. >> a bear or bears went tent-to-tent, attacking people
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in the middle of the night. now, one man is dead and two others are injured. >> it capped outside cooke city, montana, near yellowstone national park. brad wheelis has the story. >> reporter: the fatal rampage in soda creek campground, happened before dawn on send, when campers overheard the screens. there were a total of three victims in three, different tents. the man who died from his injuries was alone in a tent. another victim, a woman, suffered lacerations and crushed bones. the third victim, another male, suffered bite wounds to his leg. all the victims were torn from their tents in a series of attacks that puzzle wildlife experts. >> the investigation so far has revealed that the -- everything was done right. we don't have any signs of improper food storage or food in the area. >> reporter: campers are often warned food can lure bears. wildlife expert jack hanna was prepared when a grizzly
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threatened him on a hike in montana this week. his wife took pictures while hanna reached for his pepper spray. >> the wind was blowing, it blew the pepper spray right away. and i unloaded the whole thing in his face. he went backwards. he went backwards and took off. >> reporter: hanna just appeared in a public service announcement, telling hikers to carry pepper spray to ward off bears. but hanna's encounter took in daylight in montana. not in the pre-dawn hours of the fatal comp ground attack. brad wheelis, abc news. and later on "good morning america," one of the survivors of that vicious mauling, live. hear what she did to cause the bear to let her go. rod blagojevich's fate is now in the hands of a jury. jurors will try to determine if the former governor try to sell an appointment to president obama's senate seat. lorenzen wright has been
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found dead in memphis. sources say it appeared wright had been shot several times. a power forward, wright played in the nba for 13 years. most recently with the cleveland cavaliers. former first lady, nancy reagan, made a rare public appearance to honor her late husband. she attended a signing ceremony with california governor, arnold schwarzenegger, over at the reagan library. one bill makes the president's birthday, february 6th, ronald reagan day each year. the other establishes a commission to mark his 100th birthday in 2011. in medical news this morning, two, new studies show saving a life may be easier than we thought. researchers now say cpr can be simply fayed with just chest-to-chest compressions and no mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. they found when cpr is performed on an adult, the most important goal is to pump the chest to keep oxygen circulating. pausing from that critical action to do mouth-to-mouth could increase the risk of death. time, now, for sports news this morning. here's steve weissman at espn
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news. >> good morning. i'm steve weissman with this espn news update. the quest for 600 continues for alex rodriguez. 21 at-bats since he hit home run number 599. yanks and indians. top first. a-rod's single to the middle. that scores teixeira. bases loaded for rodriguez. he strikes out swinging. strikeout number 1,800 career. last at-bat for rodriguez. it's a pop-out. he would go two for five, with one rbi. yanks win 8-0. cards/mets. garcia, and johan santana, threw 14 scoreless innings. santana gives up six runs in the first. double what he allowed in the previous five games combined. he would not lose. ike davis, with a single. mets score six in the eighth to tie the game. last time they played they went
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to 20 innings. top 13. still tied at 7-7. albert pujols, doesn't want to play anymore. how about the d-backs and phillies? dominick brown making his major league debut for philadelphia. bottom two, what a debut it was. first at-bat, a double, plating jayson werth. brown would go two for three, two rba and two runs scored. the top of the third, roy halladay. mr. perfect. gets parra swinging. top six, kelly johnson, same deal. adam laroche, swinging, a as well. phils win their seventh-straight, 7-1. that's a look at your espn news update. i'm steve weissman. back to you in new york. up next, the stories we'll be following today, including one of the most powerful members of congress, now in the hot seat. on top of that, investigating the crash of one of the military's largest jets. [ male announcer ] where are people with moderate to severe
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court today in san francisco. they want a judge's ruling on the new immigration law thrown out. and military investigators will be looking into what caused the crash of a c-17 cargo plane at an air force base in anchorage, alaska. four crew members were onboard. a congressional panel holds a public hearing on ethics charges against new york democrat charlie rangel. meanwhile, behind the scenes, negotiators are working to reach a settlement that would avoid an official trial. president obama delivers a speech on education reform at the national urban league convention. the league and several other education and civil rights groups have just issued a report criticizing the president's key policies on education. and another appearance today by the agriculture department official who was fired, then offered her job back, after her comments were taken out of context. shirley sherrod will address the national association of black journalists at its convention in san diego. coming up later on "good morning america," william shatner is launching a new interview series.
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first up, he talks to one of the snipers that terrorized the d.c. area in 2002. we'll hear on the interview and get shatner's take on it all. for some of you, local news is up next. >> for everyone else, "america this morning" continues after this. ♪ special k protein shakes -- ♪ a truly great-tasting breakfast shake. with 10 grams of protein and 5 grams of fiber, it's the creamy, delicious way to satisfy...
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finally from us this morning, a closer look at president obama's historic appearance on "the view." >> as we told you earlier, he will be the first sitting president to appear on daytime tv. but some are accusing him of being downright unpresidential. here's yunji de nies. >> reporter: president obama got comfy with the co-hosts. discussing for the full interview of "the view," the roses and thorns. highs and lows of the last month. >> the rose has to be, the couple of days we took in maine, with michelle, sasha and malia. they're not teenagers yet. so, they still like you. >> go on. >> where do i go from here? >> reporter: even before he reached the couch, the critics pounced, questioning on "morning joe," whether doing daytime is presidential. >> wouldn't put him on "jerry
4:59 am
springer" either, right? i think the president of the united states, has to go on serious shows. >> reporter: "the new york daily news," went further. he's whooping it up with whoopi. even rosie o'donnell agreed on her xm radio show, that "the view" isn't the right venue. >> i don't think sitting presidents should do fluffy tv shows. >> it's so hard. >> reporter: white house communications director, dan pfeiffer, says getting the message out in the modern media age requires creativity. he hasn't had a primetime press conference for more than a year. >> no one should think we're going around the traditional press. we're doing them in addition to the traditional press. >> reporter: how did you prepare for this? how do you get the president ready for "the view." >> we leave it to the first lady and his daughters to keep him up to date on those sorts of things.


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